Red Flags To Watch Out For When Looking For Your New Boo

While red flags flood your twitter feed and cuffing season approaches I know the hunt for a cuddle buddy and someone to wear matching PJs with on Christmas Eve is at its peak, but before you find your new boo here’s a couple red flags to look out for:

  1. Your long term goals don’t align: While it is important to focus on the now and take things slow there are a few things it is important to discuss beforehand. Understanding your partner’s point of view on certain topics like whether or not a committed relationship is even something both of you want to get into before taking things to the next level can save for misunderstanding.

  2. Your most important love language is their least favorite (or vice versa): Love languages are far more important than anyone can understand. Missing an understanding on a perspective of love languages can cause your partner to feel unloved in certain areas. For example, if your primary love language is physical touch, but that is the language your partner values the least then you could potentially experience a disconnect when you feel like your needs aren’t being met.

  3. You only call each other when you need something: Unless otherwise discussed between the two of you, if you guys only hang out when you’re in need of something whether it be sex, money, resources, or just a cure for boredom the connection between the two of you probably isn’t as genuine as you think. You are on the track of building a relationship on poor foundations.

  4. The vibe is off: Your intuition is always looking out for your best interest, so if something feels off it probably is. Even if there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the person you are dating, but you still feel weird about them you should probably listen to your gut and excuse yourself from the situation. There’s nothing wrong with ending things just because the vibe just wasn’t right.

Always remember your worth when picking out a companion. Showing the most love to yourself can help attract the right partner into your space.

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