Boss Women In Business- Kimesha Miller

Updated: Oct 7

This week’s “Boss Women In Business” is Kimesha Miller. Miller is the Founder and CEO of Whipp'd Jawn Skincare & HomeScents, LLC a natural and clean brand that makes an assortment of skincare products and a variety of amazing smelling Coconut Apricot Wax Candles, that are all 100% vegan and made with love.

Miller is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; where she started her business and got the term “jawn” from. She now lives in Maryland with her daughter and works as a youth treatment specialist in a juvenile facility. Miller tells me she loves her job so much she would do it for free and she does! She volunteers part time as a Behavioral Health Specialist for Diamonds on the Rise for absolutely no compensation. She also is a part of Black Votes Matters in Baltimore and is studying to get a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Child & Adolescent Studies!

When Kimesha isn’t out making a difference in the world she’s at home with her daughter hand making her merchandise. She started making her skin care products when she realized store bought products just weren’t working on her daughter’s severely dry skin, so she did her research and started making her business. At first she only made products for special events and holidays because of her busy schedule, then once covid hit she had more time on her hands to take her business to the next level.

Although Kimesha shows lots of love to those around her and in her community she still makes time to show herself love by listening to music, using aromatherapy, journaling, and traveling to some of her favorite places like, Chicago and the Maldives.

Self love is so important to Kimesha she even has a customizable “Self Love” Gift Set. You can choose between two designs of a mug and two original candle scents “Love Letter” and “My Mimosas” and a handmade shea coco bar heart shaped soap is included with every set. The best part of it all is 50% of all proceeds go to women in Domestic Violence! Grab a self love set for yourself or, maybe a friend or family member who needs the extra love; or just try her fabulous scented candles and amazing skincare products! I use her funfetti body butter everyday and my skin has never been smoother and her pumpkin souffle candle smells like a fall dream. All Kimesha’s products are available at, go check them out and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook @whippd_jawn!

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