Boss Women In Business- Jenaba Baldé

Meet Jenaba Baldé, the owner and founder of Silani. Silani is an online boutique that sells various styles of jewelry and accessories and does various pop-up shops all around. Baldé is also a foodie and loves treating herself to all different types of meals but her favorite is African food, especially at Swahili Village in DC.

Jenaba started Silani about 2 years ago in Manassas, Virginia where she lives, “I’m really into fashion and jewelry and stuff and thought it would be cool to start selling it” Baldé said in her interview with Love Letters To Me. The name Silani comes from her tribe name Fulani in Guinea, West Africa where Jenaba is originally from and her middle name “Sila” which means “Bronze” in the Fulani language. She tells us “I wanted to give Fulani people more recognition because we are often getting mistaken for Ethiopians”

Baldé shared that she sometimes feels discouraged knowing that people aren’t always going to support her or sometimes don’t take her seriously, but she often reminds herself that she is still doing great and people will always doubt you and you have to keep moving forward. Baldé says “I also try to remind myself that everything happens for a reason so if something doesn’t go my way I’m just thankful that it happened the way it did cause I could’ve hated my way’s outcome”

Silani’s products are super affordable and of great quality. I wear the “Cuban Link Anklet” Set almost every day and it is still in great condition and her “Huggie Earrings” are super sensitive skin-friendly and make a cute, simple addition to any outfit. Jenaba tells me she has all new exciting things on the way for the upcoming holiday seasons so make sure you go check her out at and on social media @shopsilani

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