4 healthy relationship habits

Updated: Oct 7

Nowadays due to hook up culture, social media’s influence, and a million other things relationships are hard to get in, but even harder to stay in. Here are 4 habits to practice to maintain a relationship:

  1. Unlearn the term “that’s just how I am”: In relationships we often make excuses for our toxic traits or things our partner disagrees with, with the phrase “that’s just how I am”. Whether you are in a relationship or not you should never be comfortable with having stagnant behaviors, you should always be open to evolving and changing to be a better person. Instead of “that’s just how I am” try: “that is something I need to work on, how can I change this for you?”

  2. Communicate everything: We often think that our partner is ignoring our needs or missing the hint when trying to relay information to one another, instead communicating exactly how you feel or what’s wrong gets rid of any negative space and gray area and let’s your partner know exactly what you need from them. Making a comfortable, safe space between you and your partner to discuss everything from things in your relationship to just things going on in your day to day life is super important. Establishing this openness in your relationship will help build trust and better intimacy. Be sure to ask all the questions when you don’t understand something or tell them how you feel about certain situations, and try not to offer any backlash if you don’t totally agree with what your partner is saying, just hear them out.

  3. Learn each other’s love languages: There are 5 love languages: Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Gift giving. While it is important to exercise all five in some sort of way it is most important to understand which means the most to your partner to understand them. For example, if your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, they probably wouldn’t benefit much from expensive gifts. Instead try writing them love letters and leaving them in places you know they’d find them. The simple gesture will help your partner to feel loved in the way they like to be loved. You can learn these by going online to 5lovelanguages.com

  4. Evaluate yourself: In relationships we often spend lots of time focusing towards the other person and their feelings and actions. It is just as important to take care of yourself and evaluate your own needs and feelings. There is no way to maintain a truly healthy relationship with someone else if you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself. Practice this by allowing yourself time to do things separately, even if it is just something as minor as going to the gym alone everyday or going out with your friends every now and then.

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